What’s the Hold Up-Part I

Elkhart, In

Still in Amish country

After looking at the calendar today I realized that we have been in Elkhart Indiana for seven weeks now. I know that I keep saying, “we are wrapping up”, “looking forward to moving on”, “last project” etc., but it seems like one project keeps leading to another. Since we are in the mecca of RV superstar companies it only seems appropriate to get everything done here.

After we finished up our major roof repairs and upgrades at MasterTech Rv here are the projects we have been working on.

PullRite and Dan’s Service Center

We got a PullRite Super Glide 5th wheel hitch direct from the factory here in Elkhart and took it over to the highly recommended Dan’s Service Center for installation.

PullRite Super Glide

The magical PullRite Super Glide

PullRite has the Super Glide hitch that is self-adjusting for short bed trucks so that you do not have to get out of the truck and unlatch something in order to make a sharp turn. What that “something” is, I don’t know…but it is VERY important!

The PullRite hitch slides itself in order to accommodate sharp turns. Without the adjustment the front of the RV would crunch into the cab of the truck. This of course all falls into Jeff’s department(if you hadn’t figured that one out) …but I even found this hitch really cool. We are able to make such sharp turns that we accidentally pulled the emergency cord and locks up the brakes while turning around in a parking lot. Rookie mistake!

While installing the hitch at Dan’s we had also researched the importance of air bags to support the truck suspension. So while there we got our airbags/compressor installed too. One press of a button and the truck end raises and lowers depending on the need.


Once we were able to pull the RV out of Dan’s shop we headed over to MORryde to have a slide tray and new hitch installed on the RV itself. The hitch is designed to reduce chucking that happens while pulling. The chucking is a bit unnerving, especially when all I can think about is the bouncy fun house that is happening with all my stuff back in the RV.

Word of the wise…”open overhead bins slowing as items may have shifted in flight”!

MORryde is considered the best in the industry for hitching, independence suspensions and disc brakes. They also have 50 amp campsites (although very tight) and the nicest waiting room stocked with cool drinks, hot coffee and snacks…lots and lots of snacks. They even bought us lunch.

We really wanted to install the independent suspension as well, but found out that our “special frame” on the RV would not support MORryde’s axles and IS system, so we would have to stick to Dexter.

This led us to discover that the Dexter axles were completely underrated for the weight of the RV. And while we are in the process of discovery, the tires were underrated as well. They were truck tires that were more designed for the cool factor than supporting an RV.

So guess what? We had to replace the axles, tires, rims and we added disc brakes.

Now, when we installed the PullRite hitch in the 2015 GMC truck (which sits high to begin with) we had no idea how high this raised EVERYTHING! So when we hitched up the 5th wheel it was nose high…really high.

MORryde found out that they could order our Dexter torsion axles at a steeper angle in order the raise the frame. MORryde even engineered a new plate raising us an overall 3 inches. They were able to also lower the RV hitch so that it dropped the front of the RV 3 inches as well. We still ride nose high, but it is a vast improvement.

Good news for sure until we tried to drive the Domani out the shop door. Bad news…the RV was raised so high, that we could not get it out of the garage.

Feeling a bit panicked we were able to let just enough air out of the tires in order to get it through the garage door. We measured our height at 13’ 10” tall. YIKES…the maximum height of a tractor trailer is 14′, which means we will need to be very careful on back road underpasses.

We hung out at MORryde for about 3 weeks total. We developed such a love for MORryde due to the people who work there. Rob and Gary went out of their way to communicate and collaborate with us about our project. One of the Engineers, Eric, even hand delivered some delicious homemade soup one evening! Wow, axles and soup!

We had many laughs with the crew and other customers who were happily hanging out waiting on their projects. MORryde was first class service all the way and we can not recommend them enough!

I’m sure by now you are falling asleep gripped with suspense to know what other projects we have been working on.

So come back soon to read Part II!





  1. #1 by Brian Fernandez on June 18, 2016 - 12:19 pm

    How can I contact you with a few questions about your upgrades and your trailer?


    • #2 by Deb on June 19, 2016 - 2:15 pm

      Feel free to ask your questions here. Thanks for reading!


  2. #3 by Brian Fernandez on October 30, 2016 - 3:50 pm

    How has the trailer been holding up to your travels? I’ve been looking at the Domani line for awhile now.


    • #4 by Deb on November 2, 2016 - 1:14 pm

      Hi Brian. Out Domani has been holding up very well! Of course it wasn’t in very good shape when we bought it…rotten roof, under rated axels and tires. We put a lot of upgrades into it as well such as leveling system, solar, flooring, appliances, MCD shades. You will not see many Domani’s out there. Just saw my second one ever in Las Vegas last week! If you are looking at a Domani be sure to inspect the roof (there was a problem in manufacturing) and plan on replacing the axels and tires.Visually inspect (look, smell, touch) the unit yourself and pay to have it professionally inspected as well. We LOVE our Domani!!!


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